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Welcome to Duchesne

Duchesne is located at the junction of the Strawberry and Duchesne Rivers. There are many versions of how Duchesne was named. The name Duchesne supposedly came from an early French trapper in the area in the 1830's named Du Chasne. Among other potential name sources is the Ute Indian word "dooshane" which means "dark Canyon". Duchesne is pleased to host an annual Christmas Lights Parade and the Duchesne County Fair.

Free Dump Week

Duchesne County has free dump week From April 23rd through April 30th and on May 7th. Duchesne City will be picking up within the City's limit April 25th through April 29th. Duchesne City encourages all residents to take advantage of this time to help beautify our city.
History of Duchesne
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