Event Details


When: May 25, 2017
6:00 pm
Where: 500 East Main



APRIL 25, 2017


A regularly scheduled meeting of the Duchesne City Council was held at 6:00 p.m., April 25, 2017, at the Duchesne City Office Building, 500 East Main, Duchesne, UT. Mayor RoJean Rowley conducted the meeting, and the City Recorder, Diane Miller, took minutes. City Council Members present were Danny Peatross, Dawnette Browning, Jeannie Mecham, Rodney Rowley and Bryce Hamilton.


Others present were: Steve Rowley, Bob Ketterer, Allen Rydman, Angie Butler, and Susan Hamilton.


INVOCATION was offered by Council Member Browning.


Mayor Rowley led the City Council and the public in the Pledge of Allegiance.




MOTION by Council Member Peatross, seconded by Council Member Browning to approve the minutes from April 11, 2017.


Council Member Browning – Aye

Council Member Mecham – Aye

Council Member Hamilton – Aye

Council Member Peatross – Aye

Council Member Rowley – Aye


Motion carried by unanimous vote.


6:00 – 6:15 – Open Session


Angie Butler stated she was here on behalf of the board members of a non-profit organization called Eagle Community Foundation. Their mission is to inspire hope and contribute to health and well-being by providing physical activities with hands-on learning and play. Helping educate the City’s youth and sustaining values of family and community environment by having positive influential role models as coaches and leaders. Furthering coaches education through positive coaching alliance online programs, to help coaches and leaders be aware of the positive influence they will have over the youth. To better educate and support the organizations within our community that will help address needs and bring activities to our small town, by doing this, we will facilitate positive environments for youth to be in. She asked if the City is part of the special service district for Roosevelt. Mayor Rowley stated that the City is not. Angie Butler asked to be on the next agenda so that she can bring the rest of the board members with plans of what they are going to do and answer any questions that the Council might have. The foundation’s major focus is to cut down on drug use and criminal mischief.




There were no business licenses to approve.


SUSAN HAMILTON – Randy & Laura Harrison’s Place


Susan Hamilton stated she was here to talk about Randy and Laura Harrison’s place. She has a potential buyer that would like to expand the mobile home park from 7 spaces to 10. He also would like to build recreational cabins and build showers in part of the garage or build a RV park. Mayor Rowley stated that the land is zoned C-1, so it would have to be zoned C-2 in order to build a RV Park or recreational cabins. The land is also in the 100 year flood plan. Planning and Zoning needs to look at the proposal first and then bring their recommendation to the Council.




There were no new complaints.




Mayor Rowley stated that bids for the sewer ponds has been postponed until May 4th. She was disappointed about the turnout for the cleanup last Saturday. Council Member Mecham stated that she did not even know about. Mayor Rowley stated that one of the beautification members was supposed to contact all the LDS Wards to let them know about it, but apparently it didn’t happen. She was really happy about the high school kids pitching in with the clean up the Friday before. They were everywhere picking up trash including the gun range and the State Park. The City has come a long way in the last 8 years. There isn’t nearly the garbage that there was back then. Jim Rhoades with Basinwide Dumpster put out about 4 huge trash bins for the City and residents to fill and then he hauled them to the dump which saved the City crew a lot of time. Council Member Browning stated that she feels the City should never cancel Council meetings even if there is nothing on the agenda. Mayor Rowley stated that the City ordinance only requires the Council to meet at least once per month. Council Member Rowley stated that a lot of people expect the meetings to be held and don’t check anywhere to find out if the meeting is going to be held or not. Council Member Peatross stated that he has mixed feelings about the issue. Mayor Rowley stated that the Council could open the regular meeting and if there is no agenda or anyone for the open session, the Council could turn it into a work meeting instead. The City received the permit to enter the river to start shoring up the bank behind Ellis Muir’s and Tyrel Miller’s property, so the City crew are going to start on that project as soon as the cleanup is over.




There was no executive session called.


Motion to adjourn by Council Member Rowley at 6:35pm.